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Group Text Issues with T-Mobile Numbers

For the past three months we've been having issues with group text messages where if we send out a group text message and someone in the group has T-Mobile, that person does not receive a group text message. Instead, they receive an individual text message from us and when they respond, it only comes back to us. This becomes an issue when say borrowers, agents, brokers, attorneys, etc. are all trying to get on the same page and the person using T-Mobile only sees the text from us and none of the other recipient's responses. It's been causing a lot of unnecessary confusion.

We've run into this numerous times now and are able to easily replicate the issue. We even replicated it when it first started happening with Customer Support during our first 3-hour call to them trying to fix this. We were told then that no one else has reported the issue, everything looks fine on their end, and for us to contact T-Mobile.

We're all setup with TCR as far as having a registered brand & campaign. We've also tried sending group texts from the windows app, website, the mobile app, all giving us the same outcome.

Has anyone else experienced this? More importantly, has anyone figured out a solution to it?

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Did you get anywhere with this? Had same issue since the spring. 100% not true when they told you it hadn't been reported as we originally reported it in the spring.

Wondering if there is a solution.

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No solution that I'm aware of. I called Customer Support again last month about this and referenced two separate previous support tickets that were submitted regarding the issue, and they refused to review them because they were "closed" and wanted me to explain everything again. After explaining, again, I was immediately told the issue wasn't on their end and that I should contact T-Mobile and explain the problem to them, which is ridiculous. Exhausted by all this, we're currently looking for a new phone service for our business.

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Confirmed we are also experiencing this and had put in many tickets with RC. We got the same story as you did. I finally involved our TAM and he did some digging. Allegedly it's because and I quote "Tmobile does not fully support 10Dlc group messaging." Not sure if this is true or not though.

We're also having issues with Tmobile numbers texting on individually. At times the message never comes through on the RC side even though the User with Tmo sent it.

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