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User can receive calls but can't place any outgoing calls.


The user can't place a call, but they can receive calls with no issues. When an outgoing call is placed the bad connection message comes up and the call is dropped. This only happens when the user is working from home, and it happens with the desktop app and web app.

Now the strange part is the RC desktop & web app work fine if the user is working from the office. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that would help and it doesn't.

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What I can suggest is to focus NOT on solving the issue, but finding more info/patterns about the issue. Take notes of everything you find out. Here are some examples.

- test mobile app with disabled WiFi (Disabled WiFi => you need to use Mobile Data => different network)
- test different devices at home
- test different homes (for example if user1 has the issue, then his/her boss can try to reproduce the issue at boss's home).
- when did the issue start -i am guessing since the very first try to work from home
- who else is affected - i am guessing nobody else

So if you think about it in term of points of failure - you have 3 such points - the devices you are using, the networks you are using, and the provider you are using. If you try a different location and are not able to reproduce this issue, it means that you are using different devices and a different network, but the same provider/ same app. I.e. not a provider issue.
These are all examples. In your case it seems likely it is not a provider issue, but still you need to rule-in or rule-out a device issue or a network issue.

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