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What happened to call handling?

I am trying to set a phone to ring at the same time as another phone incase that receptionist is not at her desk the other person could answer without having to run to that desk. If I remember there was a tab for call handling but I do not see that. Is there a new way to set a phone to ring at the same time as another?


call handling
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Kevric Brown avatar image Kevric Brown commented ·

Agree 100%. Useless changed that no one asked for. Waste too much time today trying to figure this out. Thankful for this post which pointed me in the right direction. Love how companies "improve" their products by making them harder to use.

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Susan Pieroni avatar image Susan Pieroni commented ·

Apparently RC updated this section of the Admin Portal with their latest release (23.3). There is no where in the documentation that was sent out or on the RingCentral MVP Core Release page that advises that Call Handling has changed. What used to take three steps now takes about 10 and is pretty convoluted. This is a huge change and it would have been nice to have our users trained prior to this being pushed out. Our scheduled update wasn't supposed to take place until tomorrow but here we are.

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Pierre Lapointe avatar image Pierre Lapointe commented ·

This is big problem. A major feature that we not have access anymore.

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Susan Pieroni avatar image Susan Pieroni Pierre Lapointe commented ·

The "Call Handling" feature is now under Users -> Select the User -> Phone. This area doesn't even closely resemble or flow like the old Call Handling. In my opinion it is too busy.

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Susan Pieroni avatar image Susan Pieroni commented ·

Funny...when I logged into the admin portal this morning I was presented with a popup stating "The Screening, Greeting & Hold Music, Call Handling, and Voicemail settings have been combined into Phone." It would have been nice to see this a few days ago.

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Susan Pieroni avatar image Susan Pieroni commented ·

Anyone have any information on this? We have lost the call handling tab for all of our users as well.

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