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Cisco ATA 192 Troubles

Recently RC has stopped offering the normal Polycom ATA devices we use for fax machines. I was told the Cisco ATA 192 would offer the same functionality.

On multiple devices we have discovered that the internet out port on the device (labelled as "Ethernet" on the device) does not seem to function. I have spent the last week plus poking around in the online configuration utility and I cannot get this to work. I can get the device online, I can fax in and out, everything works other than the port on the device that is supposed to be used for another device to access the web will not allow a connection. I believe this has something to do with the IP address on the port being assigned to a weird value.

I am still waiting on a solution from RC Support. This has stopped all fax conversions currently so hoping that either 1) there is a solution already from someone on this board or 2) help others who are stuck with this issue.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Andy,

Thank you for bringing this to our community. I have thoroughly reviewed your case with our Tier 2 team and I am sorry for the delay in resolving this issue. I will personally reach out to them and request an update on progress.

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Andy Anderson avatar image Andy Anderson mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Mary,

Any updates on this? I went so far as to connect one of these devices directly to my home ISP modem and still could not get the port on the back to provide internet access. I am on device #4 and still having the same issue

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache Andy Anderson commented ·

Are you able to get tot he units GUI and check its default settings - ie: Bridge mode.

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Patrick Gilmore avatar image Patrick Gilmore commented ·

We were also given the CiscoATA 192 for fax. At one location I had to manually update the firmware on it just to get it to work. The Ethernet port doesn't work either. I am guessing this has to do with the ATA trying to do DHCP its self. It should be acting as a passthrough and it isn't and once the ATA provisons to ringcentral I can't log into the ATA anymore to play with the DHCP.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache Patrick Gilmore commented ·

With the OBIHAI's as well, they didn't work out of the box - we had to put the in Bridge mode, and make them Static IP, not DHCP.
They have ** codes that a handset plugged in could reach the device IVR/menu and allow for updating when you couldn't reach the GUI.

I know not the same 'apples' - but may lead you down a path.

Found the admin doc for the handset access:

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Patrick Gilmore avatar image Patrick Gilmore Joe Cache commented ·

I could reach the GUI from a computer plugged into the Ethernet port and the default user name and password would work and thats how I updated the firmware. After the update and it started to work it provisioned with RC and then the default user name and password wouldn't work. Its not a big deal that I couldn't connect a computer to the Ethernet port so I didn't persue it further.

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Brad Giessing avatar image Brad Giessing commented ·

Did ever have any luck? I am on hour #3 with my fourth support tech and they are still trying to get the pass through port to work.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache Brad Giessing commented ·

Andy hasn't posted about it - so tht might still be a 'no'

Have them escalate this up to a Level 3 tech or engineering - if it's their code that messing things up - they should get a unit and try it themselves, and not keep pushing it off to someone else.

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Brad Giessing avatar image Brad Giessing Joe Cache commented ·

I am convinced RingCentral has no idea how to set these up. I told them my fax is also a network printer, so they sold me the ATA192 because they said it has a passthrough port.

Hour 5 and phone call #4 just happened. I had to hang up on them regrettably because I had to meet with a customer, and they wouldn't let me off the line.

I am able to get into the ATA, disable the DHCP server and set it in bridge mode, but it still doesn't work.

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Andy Anderson avatar image Andy Anderson Brad Giessing commented ·

This is still an ongoing issue. After being asked by RingCentral to provide some in depth logs we requested RC to setup and test one of these devices in their own environment. We have a follow up meeting set for 9/22 to discuss.

I will update this post when/if I have a working solution :)

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