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Joe Cache asked Jonathan Greenberg commented

Open letter to whomever can stop the 'redesigning' staff.

Hi, and welcome to the fray... [gets on the soapbox]

Long time listener... first time caller.

To whomever in the RC staff that redesigned the Admin UI to make it even more difficult to see settings - you've done a great job. [/sarcasm]

It's now almost, no - IS - impossible to see a users settings at a glance and see what's wrong with their options.

Seriously... the whole idea of web design is to make it as few clicks to the data a client wants to see. NOT more, less.

As an Admin, I want to be able to see at a glance - the entire status and settings of a user. You've already hobbled the screen width, you've made it impossible to shift columns, and now you've hidden the data behind even more unneeded pull-down and -outs.

PLEASE - for the love of the gods, ask an ADMIN what an admin wants to see - not your boss... not some transient VP or CIO. They're not the ones who have to use this day by day.

As a web designer, your mission in life is to make 'it' better, whatever GUI it is. To take tiny steps forward in making a product that is 'better, faster, stronger' etc. - Question bad design - nay, Reject it!!!

Please please please @Becky-Community_Manager - stop these people before they make your product completely unusable. Seriously, how many committees did this go through and NO ONE said anything?!?


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Jake Biddlecome avatar image Jake Biddlecome commented ·

Fully agreed. I just got done training my staff where to find things in the admin portal and now it's suddenly different, unintuitive, and unnecessary. The only good change was changing the work hours and after hours to clearly show which hours are active/inactive, but of course that is not hidden 4 steps into the user tab, rather than a previous 2 clicks to that area.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache Jake Biddlecome commented ·

If only they'd listen to their clients...

@tak-it1 - you're pretty quiet on this latest. Thoughts???

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tak-it1 avatar image tak-it1 Joe Cache commented ·

Yeah Joe, I completely agree.

I am not a fan of this update, and usually, I'm pretty impartial to GUI changes. Moving a setting here, changing the layout there - no problem; but this time the team missed the mark. It's needlessly complex and just makes everything that much slower to administrate. There definitely needs to be some tweaking and hopefully, it can be improved upon. The idea is there and I get the logic behind it: keep the experience on the app and the admin portal similar. But, the admin portal still needs to keep the primary focus of being first and foremost: efficient.

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Jonathan Greenberg avatar image Jonathan Greenberg commented ·

Ran across this looking for some way to suppress end-user program notifications. And I'd like to say that whatever updates were coming have either not gotten here, or were barely noticeable. It's a giant steaming pile of clickfest to update a user's Call Handling, where before it was super fast and easy.

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Becky-Community_Manager answered Welcome 01 commented

Hey, all - Sorry I'm just seeing this, but I reached out directly to the Product Managers of this feature/function and was told they are working on some fixes to help improve cross-user navigation.
When I have further details, I will absolutely update this thread.
Please feel free to reach out to me at the email if you have questions or I can hep further.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache commented ·

Send them my way Becky... I'd enjoy a chat - really I would. ;)

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Joe Cache commented ·

You must be reading my mind. I'll be reaching out to you today!

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Welcome 01 avatar image Welcome 01 Joe Cache commented ·
@Joe Cache if you manage to speak to them, please update us what happened
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