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FEATURE REQUEST: queue routing to VM if agents are available but REJECT the call

Simple feature request - would be very easy to implement. Scenario is this:

* Queue is set up to ring multiple people simultaneously

* Those people are set to AVAILABLE and all of their phones ring - but they may not want to answer it so they REJECT the incoming call (hit the red hang up button). Today - they system keeps ringing that person back over and over again throughout the QUEUE wait time - until it sends the caller to voicemail. If you set wait time to 30 seconds, and you keep rejecting the call - you get literally 10+ rings.

* SIMPLE solution - you have an existing setting under the QUEUE call handling setup - under WAIT SETTINGS - that says: "When members are available, but no members answer or all members are busy or unavailable".... and the ONLY Option for normal users is "WAIT". RFE: Simply add a second option here which is "SEND TO VOICEMAIL". That way, if the people called by the queue ALL reject the incoming call - it goes to voicemail immediately and doesn't keep ringing the same people over and over again.

This is a major limitation right now for a small organization. We may not want to set phone to UNAVAILABLE because we may be screening calls to decide what to answer.

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