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Calls Not Ringing, Results in Missed Calls - RC App

Some users just suddenly started not receiving calls but instead calls are just showing up as missed calls. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app temporarily fixes the issue but it returns within a short time. These same users are also experiencing the issue with their RC apps at home on their laptops (work laptops at home and desktops in the office). They are not set for call forwarding and don't have any after hours set up.

Any suggestions on how to correct this issue? It's been working fine for a few weeks then this started happening this morning.

phantom calls
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We are seeing the same exact thing. The app on a mobile device is working for us, as well as the RC Phone app on a computer. Are you able to test to see if these work for you?

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is it possible they are tweaking some of their settings to avoid work ...

you are saying it is not
-after hours (hope you've checked on all levels - Users, Call queues, Auto-receptionist)
-no forwarding (doesn't sound like it, but still its good to check on all levels)

also you need to check:
- people are not setting themselves to DND
- people are not disabling Call queue calls (if you are using call queues)
- no custom rules, (if you need custom rules, temporarily disable them to rule them out as a cause)
- actual call handling on user level (check app is enabled, ringing for 30sec or longer)
- in the app settings, make sure auto-answer calls is disabled.

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