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Calling Unavailable on desktop RC Phone app

We've run into some weirdness with an install of RC Phone version 23.3.1 on one of our users' systems. It started triggering a "Calling Unavailable" error at the top of the app. Usually this is a temporary thing when we see it, but for this given user it has been persistent. As such, we took the following steps:

  1. Had the user reboot her network equipment, as this was at her house, as well as her laptop. No change.
  2. Confirmed that her laptop had otherwise functional Internet access, which it did. No change.
  3. Confirmed that the user could sign in to, which she could, but the web version of the app stated that only emergency calling was available, so obviously no change there.
  4. Disabled her VPN connection as a troubleshooting step, although our VPN is configured to route RC traffic through a split tunnel over the Internet and not through our VPN so it shouldn't have mattered. No change.
  5. Uninstalled RC Phone, purged the contents of C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\RingCentral and C:\Program Files (x86)\RingCentral, rebooted, and reinstalled. No change.

At this point we've checked everything we can think of aside from having the user physically take the system to a different location to totally rule out her home network. Does anyone else have any suggestions on next steps for the issue?

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Hi @Frank Hinz, Since you have completed the required troubleshooting steps, it would be best to submit a ticket to Tech Support for further investigation of the issue.

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I have this same issue. What was your resolution?

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