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Can i set up a call flow based on a dialing a code?

Sometimes the office is closed unexpectedly, I'd like for a way to have the receptionist just dial a keycode, or press a soft button that will just divert all calls to an out of office mailbox for our IVR. We used to be able to do this with our old system.

It's very frustrating that I have to log in and make the changes manually to our call flow.

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So there is a call flow that if the receptionist doesn't answer then it goes to "overflow" and rings additional extensions.

With our old phone system we used to be able to dial a code like *99, and the entire IVR would just turn off and be replaced with a message that we're closed for the day and to leave a message. This was used for example during inclement weather, maybe our systems are down, or we're just taking a company holiday. We didn't use *99 for normal day-to-day, that was handled by a timer. Then we would need to dial *99 again the next day to go back to normal ivr rules.

Giving admin access to someone to handle this is not an acceptable solution.

If i were to forward all of her calls, the normal IVR would still play would it not?

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Just create a new IVR with no key presses, upload a prompt and set it to terminate the call after 3 repeats with no action.

Your receptionist, from his/her physical phone, can then forward to that IVR extension and it will bypass the seat's business hours rules. If you have custom rules on the seat then you'd need to modify your call flow for this to work, but overall, you seem to have a simple request/setup so it won't be a problem.

When your receptionist phone is call forwarded (from the physical phone), and a call comes in to the receptionist extension, the phone forwards to the IVR and will not loop back to the overflow queue you've setup.

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Kind of difficult to suggest the best solution without knowing your setup.
Here are the KNOWNS
You have a receptionist (probably a Standard user)
You have an IVR menu
You want the receptionist to divert calls to a Message-Only-Ext. for out of hours.

Here are the UNKNOWNS
How does a caller reach the receptionist (Through an IVR menu? Through a Call queue without an IVR menu? directly? do they hear any greeting before connecting - if yes you probably don't want to play that greeting before diverting to out of hours)

Whatever the case, I'd expect you want your receptionist to either (1) use the "Forward all calls" or a "Custom Rule" to divert her calls...Or (2) give her Phone System admin access.

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