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Outbound SMS Issues to Verizon "Message not Sent"

We're having major issues with sending out SMS to what seems to be only Verizon wireless numbers. MMS images get sent out just fine and we're receiving SMS without issues. I've opened multiple tickets and nothing. Our business if being negatively affected at this point.
TCR has been registered. Support staff has provided zero solutions. First they said we didn't have credits, then they said TCR, no one is really doing anything and our business is suffering for the lack of support from Ring Central. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Could someone please help us

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Hi @Bright Pine Behavioral Health, seems like you're having this trouble because of your pending TCR Registration. Once it's approved, you'll no longer have problem sending SMS.

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That's what all the tech support people said. I had an approved campaign, they advised I edit it. Now I have another approved campaign, but the same issue persists. I think it has something to do with credits to Verizon because MMS seems to be working fine. Can someone please escalate this? I'm shocked that no one is able to correctly troubleshoot and pinpoint the issues for a fix.

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