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Can we set up an option to allow the user to pick voice mail or continue to hold? We do not want this option if a user is on DND (which is the only way I have been able to get it to work).

We want to have the ability to transfer a call to another user (or get a call from a direct dial) and give the person calling the option to keep holding or press a number to get their voice mail if the user is on their phone. The only way I have been able to make this work is using an IVF but they get the option to hold even if a user is on DND (they may only be in the restroom or at lunch or because they are off for the day so we don't want them to be able to hold in that case).

Is there a way to have it go to voice mail if the user is on DND or go to the IVF menu with the option to hold or go to voice mail if they so choose? Would I use a call queue for this?

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If anyone searches for this later, I was able to make it work with a bunch of extra set up. Here is how I did it.

I had to set up an IVR menu with the options of continuing to hold or leave a voice mail. I set one up for each user.
I also had to make a separate Message-Only Extension for each user. This basically becomes their regular voicemail due to the fact that I changed the "If no one answers" option. It said something about a loop.

Pressing 1 would connect to the users regular extension so it would ring their phone again (I recommend 3 rings on that extension). Pressing 3 is set to "forward to the voicemail of" the Message-Only Extension for that user.

In each users setup, I had to also change the option "If no one answers" from "Send to voicemail" to "Forward the call" to the correct IVR menu extension. I also had to change the "Forward All Calls" option to point to the Message-Only Extension.

To make it work, when our users step away from their desks, they have to go on DND AND have their "Forward All Calls" turned on (pointing to their new Message-Only Extension as mentioned above). You don't actually have to turn on DND but it helps the other users know you are away from your desk.

It is not a whole lot more for the user to do (check two options instead of just setting DND), but I feel like it is more than should be needed. It works though, so we are happy.

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