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Wrong gateway ip, stale DNS IP

We have new Polycomm phones from Charter. We had a Charter tech come out because our phones didnt work after they did for a few days. Got a ring tone that is it. Tried in another location. I was needed to be present as IT guy when the Charter tech came out. I joked to him and said all i could do is ping from the phone if it had the option. The Charter line man guy laughed and phoned in to a few admins on advice. Non knew anything about these phones connectivity. Suppose to run out of box once RC is setup apparently. Anyways the tech gave up and told us to contact RC support, which didnt know what do do either. I then poked around the phone's menu and was able to view the TCP parameters and send out a ping to (which failed). I found the gateway IP was wrong,, should be .1 The DNS IP was stale too using an recently decommissioned DNS days prior for lookup. I figured there was a release and renew option for the client, but i couldnt find it. I tried to get into the Advanced section hoping it was here but was prompted by an unknown password.

Funny my 10 minutes of poking around exceeded the Charter tech's abilities.

How can i force an updated LAN IP? Power cycling didnt do the trick.

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If you know your phones IP - can you get to the GUI (back end) via a web browser? Or did they/you try that already?

Depending on the phone, he access code is either going to be 456 - if it's still factory, or 789 if config'd with RC. You can also then factory default it - that should set it back to DHCP.

The RC tech should be able to give you a Provisioning URL - that's what needs to be in the phone, then upon reboot - it should pick up all the settings.

What's the Polycom model?

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Putting back a DNS with previous address solved our issue. The phones must have been assigned a static IP. Not sure why that was necessary. I will try to passwords. Thanks!

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Better to make reservations in dhcp with the phones mac, rather than static IPs. ye gads.

Good luck.

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