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User lookup in our system for unknown numbers

We are moving to RingCentral from another system and integrating with the API. The previous system would call our API to request details on unknown phone numbers (webhook). Our system would look up the phone number and return info about the contact (name, email) from our system.

How could we do this with RingCentral? When our users would add a contact in previous phone system, they would get name and email populated automatically when they entered the phone number. Hoping to have something similar in RingCentral.


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Hi there, did you ever find a solution to this? I’m looking to do the same a client; system will need to do the same, well as provide a custom data field for calling ‘tagging’ a claim number to outbound calls or those which the system could not find an inbound match.

I’m digging through API options, would like to collaborate with you on this, if you’re up for it.

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Can you guys describe better what you exactly need from the RingCentral platform. I could't find anything related to RingCentral from the original question. This does not tell me that you need to call RingCentral API, but you are expecting that RingCentral call your API???

The previous system would call our API to request details on unknown phone numbers (webhook)

So tell me when do you want to call your API to get the info about the contact? Is that when there is an incoming call and while the call is ringing, you want to get notified and grab the "from" phone number and call your API to lookup?

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Robert Davis avatar image Robert Davis commented ·

Hi Phong,

I can't answer for OP, but maybe this will help them. I'm open to method (API to internal DB or perhaps RingCentral offers some type of data host, I could refresh on a schedule? At any rate, my hope is:

*All in the desktop app

For inbound calls, a call is made to match calling number with numbers attached to claim(s). 1 or more is shown in some location on the screen allowing users to choose the proper claim after call verification. This information, even if only the claim number (is tagged to the call)... more on that in a moment.

For outbound and/or inbound calls where a claim number match could not be made, users have the ability to key-in the claim number, which is then also tagged to the call, in wrap-up, etc.

In addition, for all call types, users must enter a disposition code, ideally, this is from a managed list/combo/dropdown box -this is also tagged to the call.

Why this is important:
My client has stringent reporting requirements to provide call recordings, along with CDR related call info; date/time, start/end/duration, calling number, disposition, etc

Ideally, this is achievable with some custom work on the existing desktop app. However, if no go and all the necessary is accessible via the SDK, I'm prepared to write my own.

Apologies if I hijacked, hopefully the OP finds this helpful. If no, I can start my own thread.. new to the SDK and RC partnership, so just finding my way.

Thanks in advance,

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Phong Vu avatar image Phong Vu ♦♦ Robert Davis commented ·

Unfortunately, RingCentral telephony does not support sort of "project code/verification code". This means that a caller can just dial a direct phone number or a main company number followed by an asterisk (*) or a hash mark (#) and the extension number. Therefore, if you expect to implement the inbound call popup and do a lookup from your database to grab caller info to display on the screen, the only identifier you can get from the call is the caller phone number (from number). You can get incoming call alerts via RingCentral event notification service.

Read this article for more about the telephony session event notifications.

If you want to implement your own call log with detailed and custom call metrics, you can also use the telephony session event payload to calculate the metrics and metadata.

Read this article for an example of such a use case.

Maybe you can check RingCentral Contact Center solution to see if that is a better fit for your needs.

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Robert Davis avatar image Robert Davis Phong Vu ♦♦ commented ·

Thank you, this is great information! I see the call object data members from the 3rd link you provided;

callResult: "", // free description about the call

Do you know if this is something I can add to call details, such as the disposition code or the claim number I mentioned earlier? Is this the only available field?

Is what I want to do available via the standard desktop app or am I building all anew?

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