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Campaign Registration Issues

We had a brand and campaign registered after the chaos of the start of 2023. We met with our RingCentral account manager in September to go over all our opt-out language and they assured us everything looked compliant.

At the start of December, without any warning, TCR revoked our campaign and said we needed better language. We've had multiple attempts of adding language to our website and copying what other companies that TCR show as being compliant. But every time we make the suggested changes, and wait 10+ business days after re-submitting our campaign registration, we get another rejection for different reasons.

We are a law firm that only uses texting to communicate with our clients, or with people who filled out the form on our website looking to speak to our law firm about their case. We don't send out mass messages, or sell the info. We include the boiler plate "text STOP to Opt-out at anytime" in our initial text messages.

Has anyone else had similar struggles with getting your TCR campaign (re-)registered? If you were able to get them resolved, I'd love to hear how. If you haven't yet, I'd appreciate hearing what kind of feedback you're experiencing as well.

We are growing frustrated that the RingCentral's customer service keeps saying everything looks good, but then still have TCR reject it. We're happy to make whatever changes we need, we'd just like to know what ALL those changes are at once, rather than wait 2+ weeks after every change only to be told our consent language needs to be changed yet again.

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Been there and it was a huge pain to finally get reenabled. My suggestion, keep it simple. Make sure the Brand, Legal name and Campaign all match (seems logical and should be for a law firm, we have multiple companies/Brands now), and all details you provide can be corroborated on the web site that you are registering for, and your consent form resides on the same site when you create the Campaign and that it is accessible to the TCR auditors.

The rejection messages contain no usable feedback (and you can't see the entire, canned message), so have your RC team escalate, and then have them escalate again!. We were OOS for two weeks before we finally got approved.

Like I said, keep it simple:

We use SMS as a means to communicate with policy holders who have filed insurance claims.
How are you obtaining consent to send SMS messages?
We obtain consent via online form on our website.

Hope it helps, even if it's just to know you're not the only one!

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Hi @Elric Bills, I completely understand your frustration regarding the issue with your SMS Campaign Registration. I would like to escalate your concern and have someone reach out to you for guidance. To ensure a prompt response, please email us your best contact information at

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