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RingCentral for Teams Desktop plugin running, but Teams RingCentral embedded application says it's loading

As per title.

I've got the MSI latest version installed, and tried with local administrator credentials on the pc, along with regular user, tried running the teams desktop plugin as admin and teams as regular user (then the reverse of that), tried the latest teams versus teams classic (with same admin/non admin or full admin) and in every scenario, this is what's happening:

  • Teams opened and logged in, click on ringcentral embedded app in teams
  • Manually opened ringcentral for teams desktop plugin, appears to be running
  • Go back to teams and ringcentral embedded app says 'Loading RingCentral desktop plugin...' with no further information

Tried checking logs (windows event viewer, rc logs etc) and not sure what exactly is stopping it.

Were I to guess, something is stopping the embedded app from 'seeing' that the desktop plugin is running, but I don't know how else to get around that (having already disabled antivirus, windows firewall, etc) with it still not working.

Any ideas?

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I saw this same message that it was loading the plugin and would not get past that. For us, it was a firewall rule. The traffic for the RingCentralForTeams.exe had been denied on the firewall we use. We needed to open some IP ranges up. We found this info for the IP supernets that might need to be opened up for items to work. Network requirements (

Once that was added to our rules, the plugin would load fine. I hope that helps in your case, but I don't know if you use any other firewalls.

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