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Calls made to our RingCentral Call Queue go straight to Voicemail

We are having a critical issue with our RingCentral Call Queue sending calls directly to voicemail. When an inbound is made to our call queue number, the routing takes it straight to voicemail, no agents phones ring, all agent's are set to available and it is business hours. All configs have been triple checked and this seems like a bug or issue.

This call queue worked fine in the past and still works as intended if we call the Call Queue direct number from our cellphones to test.

Today we started working with a new vendor to send us live transfer calls to our call queue and every time they transfer a call to our queue number it goes straight to voicemail. Our agent’s phones do not ring ever, we cannot even find where this voicemail recording is coming from as it is not shown anywhere in the Admin Portal or the Call Queue settings pages when we investigate the configuration. The company that is transferring calls to our queue sent us a recording of what voicemail recording they are hearing, the voicemail recording is not one we can find in any of the configuration settings. This makes no sense to us. If we call our call queue directly from a cell phone , the call queue routes calls to our Agent’s as intended and works fine.

Our Idea On What is Happening:
Some how the Retreaver software is engaging the transfer to our queue is using some kind of software that RingCentral is then routing those calls differently than calls originating from say a cell phone calling our queue. The Retreaver guy keeps mentioning routing to the DID below, maybe there is some kind of setting on the Ring Central side that needs looked at on the routing?

Troubleshooting Data
On 2/6/2024 several calls came into the call queue that went straight to voicemail and never ringed our phones. We can see in the queue call log that all calls were short in duration 4 seconds or so and marked missed and do not show a drop down to allow us to see each agent's line and if it was missed at that level. That data is totally missing. You should be able to find those calls and look deeper at logs or something to troubleshoot please. We need someone to trace the route these calls coming in from Retreaver took and figure out how to re-route them to work as our call queue is setup to work.

Software that is calling our queue is called Retreaver and here is the information we received from the Retreaver engineer:

Hi team, Just wanted to clarify regarding the voicemail issues, we're simply routing to the buyer DID using the Retreaver tracking number, the same way we have been doing for thousands of other call tracking campaigns. There is nothing different or unique to this particular campaign, and nothing defecting or unusual for me to investigate or adjust on our end, we use a very simple routing path logic on the campaign that all of our clients use without issue. We have no influence over triggering the voicemail on the downstream buyer leg, we simply route to the buyer DID similar to someone making a direct call to the DID. We suspect the voicemail is being triggered on your end, and since we do not have control over the downstream dialer or voicemail logic, we cannot diagnose the issue any further. I hope that your side can look into the voicemail logic and investigate further, perhaps diagnose what triggers the voicemail message on your end, go through every flow that could trigger such a voice mail and see to it that it gets adjusted so as to not play for calls routed to the buyer transfer number. Or maybe some other system is intercepting the call and playing the voicemail message? Either way the issue lies downstream from Retreaver, and is not being caused by Retreaver.

Please help as we are not able to receive live transfers as of now. I made a support ticket but no movement on that ticket as of yet.

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I just worked with RingCentral Premium support and they found the issue. Putting this here for anyone else. Turns out the Retreaver transfer system was pushing the number 1 on keypad after the transfer call was connected and forcing the call directly to VM. Was tested by manual calling our call queue number and doing same thing on keypad. So was hard to find in the configs but all proves out.

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