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Sent Faxes unreadable squished sections

Hi, I (MSP) have a customer that uses Ring Central for Faxing that has for the past few months been receiving complaints from receivers of Faxes saying : "garbled/squished text on Faxes". Claims it is not the receiver's fax machine. We would appreciate some help in troubleshooting steps on identifying where the issue is. Thank you in advance.

When we worked this issue a month ago and caulked it up to being random and being VOIP > Ring Central being possibly the issue.

Our customer's complaint 2/15/24:

About a month ago I had a ticket in regarding fax issues. Since then, we have received more and more complaints about illegible faxes. Every single one of our clients state it is not an issue on their end, that it is ONLY our faxes they are unable to read, and most report that it started in December; was previously advised it is not an issue on RingCentral's end, nor our end. Attached is one of the more legible faxes our client forwarded to me, but still not completely readable.

The top 1/6th of it is squished and has garbled info on it.
Please see image:

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