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Transfer a call while Unavailable? MAXX AGENT


We use MAX AGENT. Is it possible to transfer a call to an "UNAVAILABLE" agent? The problem we have is if a call is transferred to an unavailable agent, it goes to their voicemail. If the agent goes "AVAILABLE" to pick up the transfer, there's the risk that they'll first get routed a QUEUE call from our 1-800 number, not the call being transferred. I have to assume we are not the first company to have this dilemma. Will doing a "warm Transfer" or "ASK" of an unavailable rep allow the transfer to pass through?


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If they are logged in but are just in an unavailable state, and the originating agent transfers the call to the agent's name, not the skill, it should go to their personal queue. The call will be waiting there until the receiving agent becomes available, and it would also depend if the custom personal script has Voicemail logic.

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Good Morning,

Thank you for your reply. So on transfers to unavailable reps, the call is definitely not going into their QUEUE, it's going straight to voicemail. Where can I go to change this?


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Hey there, @Steve McNulty! How's it going? I'm sorry to hear you're having some trouble. To help us help you, could you please submit a support ticket by logging in at And if you have any questions or concerns, just let me know!

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