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User provisioning with Google Workspace Directory. A question about user licensing

The article here states "The users auto-created in RingCentral will be capped by the number of seats/users purchased in RingCentral. Attempting to auto-provision more users into RingCentral than the number of seats/users purchased will be flagged as an error in the Google Workspace provisioning dashboard. "

What's not clear if whether I can use Video Pro licenses instead of MVP? I'd like to just have a surplus of Video Pro licenses to be assigned and then I can upgrade them manually to MVP. This is just so I can make onboarding new users smoother for my HR department.

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Hi @Michael Arndt, I noticed that you previously opened a case regarding your concern, but it was automatically closed since they didn't hear back from you. You may resubmit a ticket at

I will also be asking help from our Integrations Team if they can answer your questions.

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