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Verizon no longer accepting “vtext” SMS messages

regarding the recent notice: Verizon has announced that it is no longer accepting “vtext” SMS messages from non-PTN numbers. What is vtext? What is a non-PTN number? Does this mean I can't text with my customers anymore with the Ring Central app?

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Hi @Eric Billings, I believe Vtext was a messaging website owned by Verizon. It has no relation to RingCentral's inability to send SMS on Verizon.

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I'm a RingCentral Customer... and I can still SMS/text to my customers with Verizon (vtext) and tmobile phones. But, NONE of the Ringcentral sms/text notifications for new/incoming calls/faxes/etc. are arriving to my Verizon phone.

I just contacted RingCentral Support and asked about it like this..... I said that last year, we had to setup with RIngCentral (though the TCR) that we are using a "campaign" to send text messages to customers and there were certain requirements and this campaign allows a list of our RingCentral numbers to text using this "allowed" campaign.

This recent blocking my Verizon appears to be that RingCentral never setup THEIR OWN campaign for sending texts to "us" (their customers). I asked WHAT IS RINGCENTRAL DOING ABOUT FIXING THIS.

Their initial answer was for me to call Verizon, this is a Verizon issue. I explained to them that if this was an issue with MY CAMPAIGN with TCR, I could call Verizon and complain. But, this is with RINGCENTRAL texting to ME.... I can't really complain since I'm not the one that has the campaign that that is not working..... so, Verizon wouldn't listen to me about a complaint about RingCentral's texts to me.

I had to go through this explanation with "2" different RingCentral agents on the phone.... until I finally got them to admit that they are still (supposedly) working with Verizon to get this fixed... But, they can't do anything about it. It only effects texts from RingCentral to Verizon phone numbers for text notifications from RingCentral.

My ability to text to my customer using a RingCentral non-PTN number (in the RingCentral App) is still working fine.... since I have a valid Campaign for the numbers I'm texting FROM... It's the numbers that RINGCENTRAL is texting from that doesn't appear to have a valid TCR-campaign (from Verizon's perspective) and is being blocked from sending to us (with Verizon Numbers). We need RingCentral to push Verizon to FIX this ASAP!!!


An Un-happy RingCentral Customer

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