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Improve integration with Microsoft Winget


I am currently managing the Winget Manifest for RingCentral and I have encountered an issue with the current method of distribution through a static, or vanity, URL This approach presents challenges for Winget's verification system, which relies on specific file hashes to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the software being installed. Whenever a new version is released and the file at the vanity URL is updated, the hash changes, which causes Winget installations to break until the new hash is verified and updated in the Winget repository.

I was wondering if the download links could be changed to add versions to the URL so each installer is unique. This would massively improve the Winget package and prevent no downtime between updates.

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Hi @Thomas Mahony, we appreciate your insights and comments on this matter. For further assistance, please get in touch with our Integrations Team by submitting a ticket at

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