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Zoho phonebridge integration issue

We have a US account with several departments and users. We've been trying to use the phonebridge integration with Zoho for almost a year with no real success.


When an incoming call comes into a RC queue or direct extension a post-call Zoho window pops up (mobile and/or browser) and offers the opportunity to log the call with details. If the caller's number is already associated with a contact, it would be great if Zoho recognized that and associated the call with the contact/lead.

Stretch goal: Log outgoing calls make through RC too.

What happens

1. A contact/lead who is saved in Zoho calls my cell phone number directly, a post call pop up offers to log the call.

2. A contact/lead who is saved in Zoho calls the company number + extension. There is no prompt to log this call.

3. No outgoing calls can be completed from Zoho -> A contact/lead is saved in Zoho. We log into Zoho and the RC bridge and select call next to the contact's phone number in Zoho. I am asked what number I would like to be called at and am told that I will receieve a call, be prompted to press 1 and then will then be connected to the caller. However, this call never comes into me so Zoho displays a message saying that I did not press 1. In the call log, I can see that the company number is contacted and then hangs up after a few seconds, I suppose because no one clicked 1 as we are unable to.

4. No outgoing calls from RC mobile app triggers the post-call pop-up in Zoho.

I've pored over both the RC and Zoho documentation. The only relevant reference that I've found was on Zoho's website ( indicating the following

indicates that we need to login with the direct number and not the company number+extension. However, we don't have Direct Zoho numbers (additional $$$). Our system is configured to route callers to the auto-receptionist and based on the caller's selection, ring the appropriate department or user extension, which are all ultimately mobile phones.

There are multiple employees in our company.

-- How can we all log into RC without using the company number+extension?

-- Does this mean that Zoho requires us to buy additional phone numbers for everyone in order to use this feature?

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Hello Micki,

This appears to be an issue with how to configure our core product to operate with Zoho's off-the-shelf phonebridge service, and NOT with the App Gallery Zoho Integration...correct?

Link to the App Gallery listing for Zoho Integration:

If I am correct and this is about how to integrate with Zoho's off-the-shelf phonebridge service, then this would be a general community issue instead of a developer community issue since it is not directly related to our API, SDKs, etc... for developers.

I have assigned this issue to a member of the RingCentral General Community for review and to assist. I'll follow up with them tomorrow if I do not see an update here by end of day.
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Hi Benjamin,

Yes, this is regarding the Zoho Phonebridge. I didn't hear back from you so I reposted my question in the General Community. Thanks!
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Hello Micki,  Just letting you know that I'm getting someone to assist with this. 

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Thanks for your help Mike. :D
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Micki,   Since this was developed by Zoho, they'll have to provide support for this.  However, I do have some contacts which I will email you privately.  Please check your email. 

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I am having a similar issue.  although we all have direct numbers, sometimes the Desk phone popup appears during a call and sometimes it never comes.  We desperately need to fix this to speed up our creation of tickets.  Can you please email me anyone who can help? . Thanks!
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