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Downloading call recordings with rate limit

We're wanting to download the call recordings for every call we have when they happen. Ideally, if the subscription events in the API gave us the recording content URL on disconnect that would be helpful, but instead we will likely use the sessionId from the events to get the call and then get the call recording from there.

Whichever way we do it, I believe we are likely to be going over the rate limit to be downloading potentially 15-50 calls a minute. (Rate limit would only let us get 10 a minute)

We would prefer to not have to throttle these calls as it likely wouldn't catch up until the end of business each day.

If requesting to increase our rate limit is the best option here, then we could ask for that, but I'm interested in knowing if there is possibly a better way of doing what we want to do here.


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I think so. But if downloading the binary is not urgent, you can always keep the recording content URIs some where and schedule to read them one by one to avoid exceeding the rate limit.

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Okay, so this is what I was doing. So if I need to download more than 10 calls per minute I guess I need to put in a request to increase our rate limit?
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