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Can we get result data in mssql 2012 format?

I have some questions to apply your solution on our system. We use several in-house software and erp system. It is based on .Net platform(c#). So I'd like to know your api format . (or SDK) According to your sales representative, you guys offer open API. Additionally, I'd like to know we can get result data in 2012 mssql data format. We wanna our it dept. handle it because of safety issue. Can you give me some advice?

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The RingCentral API is a REST API that returns JSON format data for most responses. We also have a new alpha C# SDK that is under active development. Some relevant links and information for your quests are below:

(1) The REST API reference is available online here:


(2) We are in the process of rolling out a C# SDK. This SDK is currently an alpha release so we are expecting the API may change before it is finalized. 

GitHub: (develop branch)

(3) Regarding MSSQL 2012 format, since we return JSON and MSSQL is a relational database, you'll have to do the necessary conversion to save the data in MSSQL. Of note, our datetime format is in ISO 8601 which is supported by MSSQL.
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