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Finding true element to link Calls (it must work as it shows on Company Analytics web portal correctly) THis has been an issue since day one, and there hasn't been a straight forward way for me to work this out.

I have on the Ringcentral BT portal (webportal image attached) 1 call that came through successfully into hunt group, and was answered by Becky.

She then spoke to staff user, and passed the call to Anna.

That's where things get messy. I cannot find ANY link between the two staff users.

Attached are the API Details for both users on that day regarding this phone number, it doesn't even show the leg of Becky's call GOING to Anna, (it appears blank)

So my question is how can I get this accurately like your portal?

What am I missing, This is a common element throughout our call centre. and we ned to store calls correctly, but cannot store them like this


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Hi Gavin,

I know that the call log data does not contain links between original and forwarding calls. There is a way to achieve that with the presence notification API.

Have a look at the answer from this question. Let me know if you need further support to implement it.

+ Phong
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