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What are the minimum permissions for a user to be able to access my app integration?

I've been providing an app integration with RingCentral for a couple years, and most the time, my users login using an admin account. However, I have a new customer who is creating a custom user specifically to log into my app integration (to give that user limited permissions). However, he is having trouble with that. I've told him to ensure the new user has these permissions:

Full Company Call Log

Third Party Apps Access

And he has done that. However, when he attempts to log in to my app (using OAuth), he gets an error from RingCentral that says "Sorry, you do not have sufficient permissions to access this service". Are there other permissions that need to be enabled to allow this user to log in to my app integration? If so, what are they? My customer wants to have the minimum permissions needed for my app integration. My app integration uses these permissions:

Read Accounts

Read Call Log

Read Call Recording

Read Messages



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Hi Matt,

Not sure how your integration app works but this error seems not relating to app permissions. It reminds me of the error message when you try login into RingCentral service dashboard with your RingCentral developer portal login credential.

That would show something like this.

Can you double check with your customer if he/she login with the correct username and password for that extension?
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Thanks for the response Phong. I'm still not sure what the cause was. But I suspect it may have been something like this. We did a conference call and I had them turn on various permissions for that user, and we got it working. I actually think they may have never actually turned on the "Third party apps access" permission. That was one of the permissions I had them turn on in our call. Do you know if that would cause this error message?
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