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Is multi-site data present in call log, message log, or phone number list APIs?

I have been requested to pull call logs and message logs for a RingCentral customer who has the "Multi-site" feature enabled. They requested that I create a separate folder for each "Site".

However, I've been searching around for documentation on the "Multi-Site" feature within the RingCentral API, and I cannot find anything. Is there any way to determine some sort of "SiteId" or "SiteName" from any of the following api end points?

  • Company Phone Number List
  • Get Company Call Log Records
  • Get Message List

Or, do any of these other alternatives exists?

  • Is there a separate API endpoint that gives me the list of sites for a company/account?
  • Is the SiteID encoded into the ExtensnionID or AccountID?
  • Does each "Site" already correspond to a separate, distinct AccountID?

rest apicall logs
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I am unaware of such feature supported by RingCentral. Is "site" a terminology used by customer only? I remember a customer have several subdomains:, and they can it multi-site.  If this is the case it has little to do with RingCentral.

It is better to let customer clarify what is a "site".
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That's what I am not sure of. But RingCentral does define a "Multi-Site" feature:

But I'm just not sure at what level a "site" exists. It could be that a "site" is simply another account that happens to be under the same billing umbrella as several other accounts. In that case, then each "site" would basically be a separate company or account (I presume) from the point of view of the API. And if so, I can handle that. But I'm having trouble finding any documentation whatsoever in regards to "multi-site" technology from the perspective of the API. 
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Now I think it is a concept for company contacts: /restapi/v1.0/account/{accountId}/directory/entries

So you can get the list of company contact or get a single entry of company contact.

And company contact has a property named "site".
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Thank you for the link, Matt. It is the first time that I see it. I will investigate and get back to you later.
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Thanks Tyler. Sorry it took so long to respond. But this looks like what I am looking for. I needed a way to group multiple accounts when they are set up with the multi-site feature. And I think this will do it.
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