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Multicast Stream Setup for Informacast

Hello. We utilize Informacast for emergency broadcasts at our facility. This software has the capability to send out audio to our polycom deskphones.

Information I need to plug in to my singlewire software is:

Address & Port where the deskphones are listening to Multicast broadcasting and Channel.

I can see under default settings of a Polycom VVX 411 "Paging/PTT Configuration" it's set to default at IP Address: and port 5001.

I called support to confirm if this was the case for our programmed RingCentral phones, but they directed me to post my question here.

Can you kindly help?


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I have the same question - Can we program Informacast to send out notifications on and port 5001 to Poly phones?

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I have the same question - using RingCentral and Cisco 8851 phones. I cannot seem to find a default multicast stream that RingCentral has enabled on all of our phones. If I enable my own paging group parameters in the phone firmware under voice>phone, I need to set "Paging Serv" to YES in the supplementary services section. Every 15 minutes or so RingCentral resets that setting to NO which breaks informacast multicast alerts.

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Yes - please reach out to me

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