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Internet Down: What happens to a call when internet is out or phone is rebooting / unplugged???

I am curious as to what happens to calls when the internet is down or a phone is in reboot?  Will the call still run via Smart Phone App?  Would the call go straight to VM?  Would the call show still in my overview/call log??? 

We are having issues with our internet right now and some are complaining about the dial out... I am more curious as to the dial in...
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Ashlynn Kaplan avatar image Ashlynn Kaplan commented ·
Spot on Danno, Champion. You could also forward calls to your cell phone, otherwise, voice mail. You will NOT loose the call though. The caller will never go to a disconnect message. 
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danno147 avatar image danno147 commented ·
And I should add, on the smart phone app, it will ring there even if the internet is down so long as you have the setting programmed for 3G/4G.
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danno147 avatar image danno147 danno147 commented ·
If it were me (WWDD) I would reach out to your rep and have them (1) find out what version you have and (2) validate RC support of the module on that module.  Most of my clients have CISCO phones so I'm not an Polycom expert (even though I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night). The information i provided earlier was from Ploycom. 
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kim avatar image kim danno147 commented ·
For the  Polycom VVX series... expansion modules are only available for the VVX400, VVX410, VVX400 & VVX500
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yapi support avatar image yapi support danno147 commented ·

thank you for your fast reply.  I am not sure how I can use the info you provided though. I have RC provisioned VVX phone and added an expansion module.  Can I expect RC  Presence module to see expansion module?  
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allison avatar image allison commented ·

Hi All!  These are helpful answers.  Just to clarify, when/if the internet is down, the call handling settings will need to be switched to forward calls to mobile apps instead of physical phones?  The system cannot recognize that the internet is down and make this transition on its own?

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mike avatar image mike allison commented ·
Allison,  You won't have to change the call handling settings, unless you want something different to happen. As Danno stated above, the mobile app will ring as long as you are logged in and have a wifi or data signal.  But if you want the calls forwarded to the cell number instead, then that would have to be changed in the call handling rules.  RingCentral does not have the ability to monitor your internet connection and change handling rules if/when it goes down. 

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susan-pawlak avatar image susan-pawlak allison commented ·
Our previous provider had the ability to auto forward phones when the internet is down. Why can't ring central have a similar option?
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susan-pawlak avatar image susan-pawlak allison commented ·
We had it set to one external number to ensure we didn't miss a client call. We could then route as needed from one person.
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It follows whatever is programmed in the CALL HANDLING section of programming.  Worse case, dumps into your VM.  And yes, the call still appears in your call log.
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