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Auto Dialer: Option to have auto dialer capability

Customer wanted to have an Auto dial-er for their account.

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Alicia Jaromin avatar image Alicia Jaromin commented ·
If you install the chrome addon then you'll have click to dial within chrome. This is not available for other browsers yet.
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admin-it7520 avatar image admin-it7520 commented ·
When can we expect AutoDialer option.
It's very much needed feature for outbound call...
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 admin-it7520 commented ·
Hey Admin IT, which app are you looking for an AutoDialer on?
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mhe-manufacturing avatar image mhe-manufacturing admin-it7520 commented ·
auto dial for a list of phone numbers
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erdelac avatar image erdelac admin-it7520 commented ·
Saadet, do you have any information on power dial for a list of phone numbers?
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chris-herron10853 avatar image chris-herron10853 commented ·
Definitely need this feature ASAP. We've had it with other services and is a huge boon for call centers. 
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mhe-manufacturing avatar image mhe-manufacturing commented ·
wow - 3 YEARS y'all have been waiting for this?>!>!> 

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chinwe-onwudiwe avatar image chinwe-onwudiwe commented ·
please add this feature 
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