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Fax: How to block spam faxes

Everyday I get a number of faxes on my Ring Central phone line.  
These are all SPAM.

I would like to block any faxes to my mobile phone

I would like to NOT have a recorded message show up that is just a bunch of fax noises
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I am the SuperAdmin and do block these on the #101 SuperExtension --- my issue is they are coming on average every half hour from a different (unique) **SPOOFED*** number so blocking these are becoming a tedious activity - like i have nothing else to do all day.
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Yeah....Unfortunately there's no way around that. I've experienced it as well, just not to that extent (maybe 3-4 a day max).
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Is there a way to block all faxes on my line?

The phone numbers change all the time.

Each fax show up as a message I have to listen to.

My real phone calls are burred in all these fax messages delaying my response to my customers.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Un-blockable Spam Faxes. Every week, I get two or three different spam faxes and if I were able to block the sender it would be no problem. However, they all come from "unavailable" and I'm unsure what I can do on my end to put a stop to these unnecessary spam faxes. 
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In the Screening, Greeting & Hold Music setting click on Blocked Calls.  Then check the box that says faxes under Block Calls with no Caller ID:

This has prevented us from receiving unwanted faxes.  Won't stop all but it will reduce them dramatically. 

*It will also prevent legitimate faxes from being transmitted to you if they don't have a phone number assigned on their end.  So keep that in mind. 

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Spam faxes can sometimes be hard to stop. Can you tell by the content of the faxes if they are from the same sender?  
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2287 USA based users, 2200 Polycom VVX 500 handsets 3800 DID lines

2018-09-13  We are really getting slammed today with Spam Faxes on our Ext 101 (main superadmin ext)  from a new spoofed number every 30 minutes   --- we already have block restricted numbers and numbers without a number --- any others having success at blocking these folks ?
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Hey Cecile, blocking the number didn't work?
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Its a new spoofed number they send from every little while.   Yes i am blocking them as they appear but this is ridiculous.   Trying to learn if there's any other way to detect automated spoofer and universally block.
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I'll just leave this here:

New research shows almost 50% of mobile calls will be spam in 2019, as further evidence of a growing epidemic.
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They need to add a simple feature that blocks ALL faxes to the main number. Very frustrating.
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If you block the numbers on the Super Admin extension, it will block those numbers (voice, and/or fax, and/or SMS) for the ENTIRE account. You must be an administrator to do this. The Super Admin extension, by default, is x101 (unless your organization has changed that).
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Robinson - You have a few different options here: 

1) Block the number from your User Settings > Screening Greeting and Hold Music select Blocked Calls at the bottom. 
    Blocking these numbers will block both voice and faxes from the specific number.  If you set the number to "Voice Only" then you will get the voicemail with the fax tone. 

2) If there is multiple numbers to Block then it may be faster to select a bunch of the number at once from the Call Logs > select number > Block

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