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Sent faxes have terrible image quality when viewed as a preview in RC for Windows.

I have sent faxes by opening a PDF, selecting Print and choosing RingCentral from the printers list. After the fax is sent, I click the "eye" icon in RC for Windows to see what the fax looks like, and the image quality is terrible. Is this what my customers are seeing when I send them a fax?
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Hello Ethan,

What kind of file are you sending? Are you sending a picture or just a word document?
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Black and white text document, scanned and saved as PDF.
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I sent you an email, I want to try and do a direct test with you.

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Are you able to help me with this issue as well? I'm having the same problem. This is how my fax looks after being sent. Its all grainy with black dots all over.screenshot-1.jpg

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Has this issue been resolved? Apparently not because I'm a new user and still have the same problem in 2021. Does anyone know the fix for this?

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