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Company Wide Extension Contact List

It would be nice that once an extension is built and activated it would appear in every other users contacts tab, so messages and other info could be sent to people in house much easier without having to import lists from outside programs or having to add them into the personal contacts section since you can't forward messages to company contacts only to personal contact lists.

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Are you referring to the desktop app?  If so, check the filter.  You can select to view personal, company or all.  Maybe you have the personal filter on and don't see all the company contacts?
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i was referring to the web portal, but ill give it a look and see what happens
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mike avatar image mike chris-duquette4018 commented ·
The same is true for the web portal. when you are on the Contacts page, you can toggle from Personal to Company. They should all appear under Company.
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david-malcun12118 avatar image david-malcun12118 bjsvec commented ·
I wish to add to the YEalink T42S all active extensions of the company on the admin side, not to have to go phone by phone manually adding them.

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charles-pierce avatar image charles-pierce bjsvec commented ·
My desktop app does not show personal contacts. I called support and they said the new version does not have that ability. The web version does.
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jasmine-m3400 avatar image jasmine-m3400 commented ·
Customer would like the company extensions to appear as contacts on the VVX phones. The 501 is a 2-line phones so they don't have an option for Presence and it's too cumbersome for them to remember all the extensions and who those extensions are. easier if they could access the contact list on the phone and select it. 

If there was a way for it to automatically update said info on all physical phones automatically, so that the customer doesn't have to manually enter it each time, as well. 
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Kate Abeyta avatar image Kate Abeyta commented ·

I am looking for a printable form of the extension list for all users on my system.. I can not find this anywhere in the admin portal to print off. Please advise. - Kate

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cglassy3135 avatar image cglassy3135 Kate Abeyta commented ·

Using a computer, Download all users from the users list in Service Web and edit the spreadsheet accordingly

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jenn-community-moderator avatar image jenn-community-moderator ♦ Kate Abeyta commented ·

Hello @Kate Abeyta, @cglassy is correct! You can go to your service portal and click the "Download User List." Thanks!


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