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Android app should recognize the DND settings.

I would like the app to respect my Android 'do not disturb' settings.

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denco13978 avatar image denco13978 commented ·
Agreed - DND makes it so you do not receive any phone calls, notifications, or any notice while it is active. You can enable certain settings like allow a call if they are in your contacts, or they call multiple times.

Right now, even with DND on, you still receive calls from RingCentral at full volume. It completely ignores the setting, making the setting useless. This is very frustrating as receiving calls at 3am even with DND on is not fun!
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lmehlermd avatar image lmehlermd commented ·
I did not have this issue for the first few months of using RC, but then it developed, and indeed... it is horrible to be awakened by RingCentral not respecting Android DND settings!  I have reported it several times, and wondered if it was related to an Android update... in which case RC tech should have been able to RESOLVE the issue if they claim to support Android OS. They have not resolved it, have called me several times over the past 4 mos to ask if it's better. I've told them that it is NOT, and they still marked my case/problem ticket as CLOSED! Horrible customer service & technical support.
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 commented ·
Hey all! I brought this up to the Product Team and they're looking into it :)

For reference, the JIRA is MTR-23530. I'm keeping an eye on it for when there is a resolution and I'll post updates here as they become available!
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cpnj avatar image cpnj commented ·
This is very bad - any word on resolution??
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jessica-community-moderator avatar image jessica-community-moderator ♦♦ cpnj commented ·
Not yet-- it is still an open JIRA under MTR-23530. 
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lmehlermd avatar image lmehlermd cpnj commented ·
I think we should share this thread with those uninformed companies/web presences who have recommended RC!
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pobst6563 avatar image pobst6563 commented ·
No updates here in a couple of months. The app interrupts be constantly during meetings when my phone is on do not disturb. Any chance this is coming soon?
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denco13978 avatar image denco13978 pobst6563 commented ·
For your particular situation, as an interim solution you can make it a habit to set RingCentral status as DND as well as your phone's status. At least that "solves" for receiving calls, but it is a hassle to do.

It also doesn't bring over other settings though, for example having calls from specific Contacts come through, or if someone calls 3 times letting it through. That's really what I want from RC.
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jessica-community-moderator answered
This should be resolved now. If you are still experiencing an issue, please reply with what app you are using that it is happening with. 
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