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Ring Central App doesn't ring

Hello, my Ring Central App doesn't ring at all. I just get a message pop up informing me of a missed call and voicemail is usually left. Sometime my phone lights up as if I touched a button then goes dark again, but nothing on my screen at a to show me it's ringing until it's too late.I use an i Phone iOS 10.3.2. it's a US account but I use mine in the UK when i'm on good/strong wifi. It did used to ring when I first had it but stopped a few months ago. I'm hoping you can help.

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We are having a similar problem. My colleague's RC iPhone app only rings sometimes. Sometimes the length of the ring is very short, not providing her enough time to locate her phone and respond to the call. Sometimes it does not ring at all, and she only sees a notification about a missed call/voicemail. I have attached screenshots of her settings. 

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Hey Elizabeth!

Have you looked at her Detailed Call Log to see what the result shows for some of these calls? Especially the ones she is missing. 
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I tried calling my colleague's phone to see how the app would respond. This time, it did ring through the app but only for 1 or 2 seconds - not long enough to answer it. Is there something to be adjusted in her settings? 
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Hey Elizabeth,

Which extension is having issues? I would be more than happy to take a look at her settings.
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My phone won't ring thru the mobile app.
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Hey Tonya, we'll need more details in order to assist you. Is this happening all the time or some of the time? Are you logged into the Mobile app? Can you verify which mobile app you are referring to?
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I'm sorry. I didn't have the coworker activated yet. This one is totally operator error :)
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Lol! No worries :)
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I know its a dated post, but has anyone gotten a solution to the app not ringing? mine has not been working consistently, and I feel like a pin ball being bounced back and forth to try to find a reason.

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@Annie DiCenzo Can you confirm that you have uninstalled and reinstalled?
Have you tried any of the recommendations listed below?
Screen shots are helpful too.

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Hello Sez,

Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app?

Could you post screen shots of your current call settings? Tap the icon on the top left-hand side (where a picture can go) -> Tap Call Settings

Next, have you checked your iPhone's settings for the RC Mobile App? On your iPhone go to Settings -> Notifications -> Find the RC Mobile App -> What Notifications are Allowed? Could you post a screen shot?

Thank you!
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