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Answering calls from my car's bluetooth

I have bluetooth through my car and am using an iphone with iOS 10.3.3. When an incoming call comes in and I am connected to the car, I can't answer any calls. Help!

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How are you answering your phone in the car? Are you sliding the "Side to Answer" button on the phone itself or are you using the steering wheel button.control to answer the phone?

I found when I switched from my Android to an iPhone that I had to now answer the phone, when connected by Bluetooth in my car, by pressing the steering wheel button/control (or additionally for me because I have a GM vehicle I can also press the OnStar button on my rearview mirror). When I tried sliding the button on the phone I would always disconnect the calling party. I had to re-learn how to answer my cell phone in the car.

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Thanks so much. I BELIEVE I tried both the phone and car but am not positive, so I will try answering via the phone and see if that works. Thanks for your help!
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It's actually working all ways now. We just started this today so maybe it was still loading everything up. I have no idea but at least it is working. Thanks for your help!
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