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HUD not refreshing or showing correct presence on Softphone

1. Account Type: US
2. Related Case Number: 06065930
3. I am having an issue with my HUD not displaying extensions presence correctly. Some users show as having multiple calls, others showing as being on the line when I know they're not, others show that their extension is ringing when it's not. It's causing a lot of miscommunication and missed calls. This has been an issue before, we called and created a case number but now it seems to be happening again. 

I have already gone through all the network configurations and checked all the settings on the routers and firewalls. 

4. Resolution, I'd like the HUD to work properly!
5. See 3.
7. Does not apply.
8. 15 users, all using the softphone

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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 commented ·
Hello DanielB,

I see that your case is still open. Have you heard from the agent working the case?
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danielb3368 avatar image danielb3368 commented ·
Yes, I have been in touch with them since I created this message. It appears that this is a known issue with the version of the softphone that we're using and wont be fixed until version 9.3x which is not slated for release until October. Any chance you can confirm this is the case, Saadet? 
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mike avatar image mike danielb3368 commented ·
Daniel, I did just follow up on this and you are correct. They are shooting to have the fix in 9.3.  And yes, probably around October but can't confirm an exact date as it takes several weeks to update all accounts.

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danielb3368 avatar image danielb3368 danielb3368 commented ·
Thanks for the confirmation, Mike.

I don't mean to come off as unappreciative of the information, but why does it take 5+ weeks to fix a known issue, especially one that is causing such disruption to our business? I understand that there may be bigger fish to fry, for lack of a better expression, but this is really causing lots of grief and headache for the staff. 

That said, is there any chance we can try a Release Candidate for the 9.3x software to see if that does in fact resolve the issue? At this point I am willing to be a beta tester.

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mike avatar image mike danielb3368 commented ·
We don't have a beta test group for this release, nor do we typically do something like this for a full release or a bug fix/patch.  However there are occasionally beta tests for users looking for a specific new feature.  If you are interested in those, visit the following URL and click the Follow button:
Does RingCentral have a BETA Test Program?

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danielb3368 avatar image danielb3368 commented ·
This is getting out of hand... How is this acceptable? I need something sooner than October for a resolution!

- One incoming call
- Several extensions show multiple calls coming in
- Ext 118 showing 2 active calls?!
- Ext 115 10 incoming calls?!
- Ext 113 8 incoming calls?!
- and a slew of other 

The HUD is broken!

Numbers and Names redacted for privacy...

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Tim Weinfurter avatar image Tim Weinfurter commented ·

All my employee Names where showing on HUD with extensions. NOw all I show is Anonymous and the extension.

how do I get it to show the names again

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Tim Weinfurter commented ·

Hi @Tim Weinfurter, try to unassign/reassign the presence.

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