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call transfers

I have multiple people in my office when they transfer an outside call. We have no way of seeing who is transferring the and we have no idea that the call is a transfer or just someone calling from the office. Again a feature we were told we would have but no, and no one in CS can understand the problem or even remotely help with the situation.
call routing
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There might be a way to show the original calling party ID to the end user that the call is transferred to instead of your main company number, but before I search that out- is there a reason that the person transferring calls off site can't/won't announce the call before completing the transfer?  It seems better than just transferring them and hoping someone answer or letting it go to mobile voicemail, etc.  

Is there a reason the users are not using the mobile app?  That would help distinguish personal vs. business calls too.

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like brandon said if the person transferring says who it is then the receiver can just say no and get a message, id assume. it sounds more like you're forwarding the call and not transferring to me. but the mobile app would help best as the transferring person can warm transfer and announce that way for sure.
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heres a link brandon posted recently about something along these lines...hope it helps

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The reason we don't oh the receptionist announce is we were told she didn't have to using RC. The only thing we see is the our main number, not even the persons number making the transfer.
The mobile app does not work if you the person has a desk-phone another feature not working as promised.

Chris, not sure what you mean by forward. Just trying to transfer a customer that calls in to the person they want to speak to, app or not. Pretty simple task for a phone system I would think
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So if you don't like/want to do attended transfers what do you prefer the person answering the transferred call to see?  You should be able to choose either direct line of the person doing the transfer or the original caller ID that came in with the call (if any).

To show the original caller ID, the person doing the transfer will need to do a blind transfer.  There are a couple different ways to do this depending on the phone model.

To show the RingCentral digital line phone number it should just be necessary to select that as the users preferred outbound caller ID and do an attended transfer, but complete the transfer as soon as it starts ringing.

Let me know if that helps.
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i meant like your dialing the persons cell number, not dialing an internal extension. therefore youre forwarding the call not really transferring. if im off let me know. 
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Hi! Can we add transfer call bounding feature that bounce back the call going back to its sender when call recipient is not available.

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Hello @cedrick-monteiro, this feature is not yet available. You can add your vote HERE! Thanks.

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