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Bluetooth on mobile app does not stay connected

Why can RingCentral mobile not stay connected to Bluetooth devices?  I have used at least a couple of Bluetooth devices on a couple of different phones, and the connectivity to Bluetooth is always an issue.  When I am on calls, it bounces back and forth between the default headset (which is the actual cell phone) and my Bluetooth device.  I will be in the middle of a conversation and suddenly the audio drops from one device and picks up on the other; for example, I may lose the call on my headset and then plug in the Bluetooth to realize that it has transferred over to it. 

This is extremely frustrating. 
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daniel-duckworth avatar image daniel-duckworth commented ·
I just changed to RingCentral and this has been a nightmare.  I am having the same issue on top of a slew of other problems.
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 commented ·
Hey Jason,

Sorry for the frustration. I know our Product Team is working on Bluetooth devices and the Mobile App. They would appreciate more information - please open a case 

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hyder-mirza8797 avatar image hyder-mirza8797 saadetswift16514 commented ·
RingCentral app can't connect over Bluetooth to Bose Bluetooth speakers with mic integrated so one can't use it with speaker phone which is a problem
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carl10535 avatar image carl10535 commented ·
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled My bluetooth headset will not connect with a RingCentral call on my mobile phone..... When making or answering a call on my mobile phone, with my bluetooth headset connected, the sound remains on my cell phones earpiece or can be a speakerphone call.  I am not able to use the bluetooth device at all.
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carl10535 avatar image carl10535 carl10535 commented ·
More details....what is actually happening is that when the RingCentral mobile app disconnects from my bluetooth headset, to reconnect I have to go into my android settings, unpair the headset and then pair the headset again. The app will disconnect my headset when I am on a RC call and another calls comes in on my cell phone app. This is a tremendous hassle and my clients wonder where I have gone. The RC mobile must be able to maintain bluetooth connectivity continuously during a call. It would also be a help if the app actually properly communicated to my headset. I am not able to properly answer or end calls from the headset buttons and the vibration feature of the headset does not work either. HELP!!!
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 carl10535 commented ·
Hey Carl,

Please open a case so we can investigate.

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adam-collins avatar image adam-collins carl10535 commented ·
This is still an issue.
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martincox10766 avatar image martincox10766 commented ·
If it helps at all, I just got a Plantronics Voyager 6200 and I have this issue with my Samsung S9+. Very frustrating since I bought it specifically to work with RingCentral.

Using the same phone, I do not have this issue with any of my other bluetooth headsets or in my cars and RingCentral.
Harman Kardon BT
BLU Logic 1311
Alpine UTE-73UT
Plantronics C720
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 martincox10766 commented ·
Hi Hyder,

Thank you for your feedback. Unless a customer is unable to open the case on their own, due to some technical difficulties, we highly encourage them to create the case themselves for many reasons. For instance, they can provide their preferred contact information, details about the issue that we may not have access to, and things such as debug logs. Furthermore, some customers have multiple accounts and we don't know which account they are having the issue with.
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martincox10766 avatar image martincox10766 martincox10766 commented ·
As someone that runs their own support team, I have to side with Saadet on this. Our reason is that when confronted clearly with a bug, we really shouldn't complain about it on forums when there's a perfectly good support team that's there for that very reason. And by not cutting and pasting every issue over into the main ticketing system helps train us users to go to the right place for the right discussion.
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martincox10766 avatar image martincox10766 martincox10766 commented ·
I should add that other weird things happen. For example, I'm happily listening to music using GooglePlay Music. I answer a call with RingCentral VoIP on mobile, music pauses, I talk, hangup, and the music player starts again but no audio. Nothing I do will bring the audio back except to disconnect the bluetooth headset and re-connect or reboot the phone.
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thomas-rice13099 avatar image thomas-rice13099 commented ·
So where do I get an answer to Carl & Martin's problem?  I'm having the same issue with a Samsung S9+.  Not complaining by the way, just asking. Maybe the support team has a resolution now?
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 thomas-rice13099 commented ·
Hey Thomas, I would suggest opening a case so we can gather more details

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