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Bluetooth connection problems for phone calls and listening to music while using the RingCentral application Android

I'm having two major problems one is I'm noticing that the Bluetooth does not connect when I make phone calls from time to time. It's actually happening quite often I'll initiate a phone call in the Bluetooth just simply is not connected and I cannot force it to connect and have to hang up and call again and hope it connects. Secondly while listening to music when I receive a call the music will pause but that when I hang up the music will show as playing but I cannot hear it because the application is still engaged somehow. I have to actually dismiss the application in the multi-task settings and then restart up the application again to make another phone call. And I have to do this constantly in between phone calls which effectively means I cannot listen to music and make calls.
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Yep, still broken on Android. It has made the app completely unusable as most of our users have smart watches or other Bluetooth devices. Almost all calls are missed. I want the old phone app back
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Kevin Spears avatar image Kevin Spears christian-deguire commented ·

They try to tell me its my headset or phone, they can never explain why 3 different phones and headsets all do this and never get fixed. they simply dont want to fix this as they are still being paid so what do they care? its our customers mad and appears ring central couldnt care less if they have good customer satisfaction.

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Hmmmm.....I would suggest sending a feedback email within the app after the issue has occurred:

1) Tap your profile icon
2) Tap About
3) Tap Send Feedback 
4) Include the issue description in the body of the message
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I was told to post on this forum. I too have run into this problem on iOS. I did send feedback and was told that this is a known problem but there is no release planned at this time. This is extremely frustrating and a problem like this should be addressed immediately! 
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matt-cantrill avatar image matt-cantrill commented ·
Did anything ever come of problem #2 of the OP? Happening on Android.
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Kevin Spears avatar image Kevin Spears commented ·

Ring Central you are crippling people who must work remotely due to this pandemic or due to a disability, as is my current situation. RING CENTRAL you need to FIX THIS NOW. I have mad clients that think I am hanging up with them because your system is so shoddy i don't know if i'm going to answer or hang up on anyone who calls my work number. this is unacceptable they have found no fix for their mobile app using the now most popular hands free way of interacting with and communicating with a mobile device and appears the issue is their product coding and stack as it is being reported by users for years now on both apple ios and google android devices telling me ring central has not addressed this issue as they do not want to and are trying to claim its a device or connectivity issue when this is NOT the case.

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