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Missed Calls

When our organization receives a call, and an agent answers, it shows every other agent has missed the call. How do I turn that function off since the call was in fact handled or answered and not missed. 
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benjamin-pina10780 avatar image benjamin-pina10780 commented ·

Welcome to the party. I don't see why this isn't an easy problem for them to fix. It must be way more of an issue than I understand.

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Andy Jarrad avatar image Andy Jarrad commented ·

We are having this issue also, when a colleague answers the call it then shows on the other members of the call queue that they have a missed call, technically this isn't a missed call as it was answered by a colleague.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Andy Jarrad commented ·

Hi Andy, we understand your frustration on this. Please vote for this feature here.

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Heather Matthews avatar image Heather Matthews commented ·

Here we are 6 years after the initial question and this is still an issue?!? These calls should not be showing as missed since they were, in fact, answered. Only unanswered calls should show as missed. How do we get this resolved because we just switched to Ring Central and because of this want to look at other software.

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benjamin-pina10780 avatar image benjamin-pina10780 Heather Matthews commented ·

What kind of phones do you have? If you have Yealink you can log into the phone interface and disable it. I don't know about Polycom off the top of my head.

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Heather Matthews avatar image Heather Matthews benjamin-pina10780 commented ·

I do not have a physical desk phone. It shows up that way on the desktop app and the cell phone app. So my cell phone shows 100s of missed calls when they were actually answered by someone else. Same for the app on my desktop. Should be a simple fix especially after how long they have been getting complaints on it.......

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