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Set call handling to ring hardphone BEFORE mobile app

We have a need to set the hardphone to ring first, then roll (sequentially) to either the mobile app or the cellphone.  When will this feature be available?
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Agreed. Would like this feature too and have been told it is not currently available.

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Amen. So obvious a need. Come on Ring Central !

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It's the oldest & most upvoted feature request in the RC Community. And has been met with crickets. Not even dignified with a "let us tell you why it's too hard for us to do."

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Agreed. It's rather annoying to have to sit here listening to my cell phone and my desktop app ringing while I wait for my Polycom phone to start ringing so I can finally answer the call. I've taken to just disabling the mobile/desktop apps entirely.


I would also love to have this. I've got the desktop app, the phone app, and a Polycom hardware phone. If I'm at my desk, I nearly always want to answer using the hard phone, but I have to sit there listening to the mobile and desktop apps ringing for a while before the desk phone rings at all.

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Hi Drew, have you tried to set up a simultaneous ring between the app and the desk phone? You can set up this so you can choose where to answer the call instead of waiting.

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Hi Mary - I'm pretty sure that's how I had it set up, but I will double-check it one more time in case it wasn't saved or something.

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If it's already set up to simultaneous, make the desktop/mobile app into 0 rings. It's odd, but it will make your desk phone and app ring at the same time.

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Ah, maybe that's the trick I'm looking for. Thanks!

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