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Pause / Fast Forward / Rewind Function for Desk Phone

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I want to be able to rewind, pause or fast-forward a voicemail when using the desk phone to

listen to voicemail messages. Currently you have to listen to the entire message again. I shouldn't have to listen to the entire voicemail multiple times in order to get the info I need because the person leaving the message spoke too fast, unclearly, etc. It's ridiculous that the phones don't have these options. This should be given HIGH Priority for implementation!

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It's unfortunate but I don't think anything related to desk phones is being given that high of a priority.  I eventually just switched to listening to voicemail from my PC or from my iPhone (either via the app or playing the e-mailed voicemail message via Outlook on my cell).
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Has this functionality been added yet? Is it possible to do on DeskPhones now?

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This is not yet implemented.You can vote here.

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