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RingCentral for Google - Click-to-Dial opening new tab issue

My company currently uses RingCentral at all levels of the organization - from a robust Inside Sales team to technical support. We've leveraged all of the functionality of RingCentral and have found it to be a good solution for us.

One thing that I (a system administrator within the company) have found to be a slight hitch is that when you use RingCentral for Google and have it hand off calls to RingCentral for Desktop/RingCentral Phone - it opens a new tab (which I understand is part of the handoff process). Is there any way that tab can close automatically after a few seconds, or once the handoff is complete?

The solution presented to me by technical support was to handle calls in the browser - but we've found that we are more likely to have call quality issues handling calls in that manner.

For the majority of our company - this isn't an issue. It is only an issue with our sales department who are averaging 70 or so calls a day. So closing out a tab 70 times in a day that you didn't really want open in the first place... not ideal. We came over from Mitel and Mitel Connect (their softphone) did not require a tab to pop to hand off calls.

Is there a way to accomplish the above? If not, can this be revisited to get it addressed? I'm sure I'm not the only person who's noted the above behavior. Questions? Let me know.

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Hi Jason, 

I sent this thread to our integrations team-- I'll let you know what they come back with :) 
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Jessica - any updates? We're continuing to grow our sales team and simultaneously, the questions about this feature are also growing.
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Hi Jason, 

Sorry for the late response! I was told "It is hard to say if this is a behavior by design. But it is how it works from the very beginning. For now, I think this is a feature request that requires some research and prioritizing" 

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