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I am trying to make an outgoing call and when I click on the green phone icon it says internal calls only. Why?

can anyone help me with this?

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Hi Frank, sounds like the Admin on your account has set your permissions this way. You'll want to speak with them about it.
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joanna-loaiza avatar image joanna-loaiza saadetswift16514 commented ·
Hello Saadet, where could we change the permissions to allow the users to make outgoing calls? Thanks!
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Hey Joanna! If you're an Admin on the account and you have a Premium or Ultimate tier you will see the option to set a Custom Role for your users :) This article explains it!
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The User role we have indicates they should be able to make outgoing calls. Using the iPhone they can. The Windows 10 app however shows a disabled call button and it says "internal calls only". We are Premium Tier.

Can you walk through what the settings should be so the Windows 10 app allows outgoing calls?
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Don Stevens avatar image Don Stevens commented ·

We had that problem today and found there was no option under Settings>Phone to edit or confirm the Emergency Address. There was no button for it at all. Uninstalled and reinstalled the Windows app, same version that hadn't worked, and during initial sign in it prompted for the EA and confirming it made external calling work again.

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