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How do I view a scheduled meeting in the Glip app?

I have scheduled a meeting using the Glip Mobile Phone App on Android.

My calendars are synced, so I can see my Ring Central meetings and my outlook meetings in the lower panel within the meetings section of the app.

However - I can only view for today and tomorrow. I want to view the meeting details for beyond this - how do I widen the view area/calendar?

I'd like to invite more people to the meeting but can't access it to do so.

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Hey Julie, 

I checked with some peers who have an Android app and they're able to see meetings scheduled from Monday-Wednesday. What version of the app are you on? 

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I agree! I know the product team is working on making the meetings section in the Glip app a little more robust, but don't know for sure if this is on the table yet :) 
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Thanks Jessica.
I'm on and can only see today and tomorrow.
It would be good to be able to access any scheduled meeting via a calendar so that meetings can be truly managed through the app. At least a working week is needed.
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