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We run two different companies and our receptionist chooses which line to call out. We NEED to be able to modify the outbound caller id (NAME & NUMBER) for each specific line to reflect which company they are calling from.  Right now the caller id number is correct but the company name is not and according to tech support there is no way to fix this. This cannot happen and we need a fix ASAP!!
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Unfortunately, No. Our phone are manually programed and was told that if we cleared our called ID on the RingCentral dashboard, which we have, the individual name and number on each phone would generate on the caller id. It did not... I know we can get this to work, because we've done it in the past, however cant find a RngCentral "tier 2" tech that kWh how to do it.
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When updating you Caller ID Name, it can take 7-14 business days to update and reflect. Let me know if you still can't see the changes! 
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Did you ever get this resolved? We are having a similar caller ID problem and cannot get help for it.

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I see you have an open case with us-- did you get your question answered? :) 
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