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Calls audibly ringing in user's and caller's ear when already on a call - no one can hear while ringing.
Tags: call handling
Jun 17, 2019 at 9:19am   •   4 replies  •  0 likes

When a Ring Group user is on a call and another calls comes into the cue, or perhaps direct as well, the user AND caller both hear the ringtones in their ears very loudly. There does not seem to be anything the user can do about it until the call is answered or caller hangs up and ringing stops. It is annoying our users, and especially our customers, to no end. I seem to remember some posts about this a while ago regarding mobile doing something similar, but can't even find those now, and there doesn't seem to be any related to other apps being affected.

Also, when a call comes in, whatever the user is doing on their computer (typing, etc.) is interrupted as RingCentral steals focus. I have a workaround that kind of works to prevent the user from being interrupted, but it seems to only work as long as the dialer doesn't pop up, which sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. The workaround is: In Call Setting/Call/Incoming... Switch OFF 'Display incoming call in Standalone Window' and Switch ON 'Display Incoming Call in Notification Center'.

Any solutions to these issues that someone can share?

App in use: Ring Central Phone for Windows - current version

on Jun 27, 2019 at 12:28pm   •  2 likes
Ok, Saadet - I have an update and slight change to what I said in last post. In talking with a user this morning, it became clear that the person our users are talking to don't hear ringing direct in the audio of the conversation (like what is injected for a call waiting tone), but rather, they were hearing the user's speakers ringing - which was picked up through the user's headset microphone. So, I just had them turn down their speaker volume, and that seems to have solved that particular annoyance.

However, if a user is on a call already, correct me if I am wrong, but their speaker or headset shouldn't ring in THEIR (the user's) ear or even the desktop speakers, right? Maybe a slight tone to (audibly) alert of another call coming in - which they can press ignore if they wish and it will stop - but shouldn't be ringing and interfering with the conversation. I ask because I have one user who only gets the subtle notification tones in her earpiece when already on a call and another comes in, but it will ring through to her speakers if she doesn't have them turned all the way down. Another user has a different model headset, and subsequent calls while she is already on a call ring through to her speakers like the first user, BUT, it also rings right through to her earpiece, which is a problem. By the way, the two headsets are: Plantronics Voyager 6200 - no ring-through to earpiece and, Plantronics CS510 using the APU75 USB adaptor - full ring through earpiece.

I know you aren't tech support, but maybe these details will cause another to chime in who might use the same devices and have found a way to stop the ringing to the speakers when user is already on a call (other than turning them down), and to make the CS510 produce the subtle tones instead of the full ringtone.    
on Jun 26, 2019 at 8:18am   •  1 likes
Hi Saadet! No, not a call waiting tone - full on ring tone! It's the same ringing that users in a call group hear when they are not on a call (that's normal and SHOULD happen) and one comes into the que - in our case simultaneous ringing to all users in the group. When someone picks up that call and are talking and another call comes into the group, that person that is actively on a call, and especially the person they are talking to, should not hear any further calls ringing in there ear (or external speaker) coming into the ring group they are a part of because they are busy on a call. Maybe a subtle call waiting tone (only only on the user side of conversation), but definitely not loud ringing that totally makes it impossible to continue the call you are on. I hope that is a little clearer... :)
on Jun 26, 2019 at 7:46am   •  0 likes
Hey Bond007DMC, I haven't heard of the caller hearing the call waiting tone :( Support would need to gather call samples and even a call recording would help, so that they can hear the tone
on Jun 19, 2019 at 4:29pm   •  0 likes
Nobody else experiencing any of this behavior?

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