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Non phone/non-digital line extension pricing for call forwarding to answering service
Tags: call forwarding
Sep 3, 2019 at 11:56pm   •   3 replies  •  0 likes
Jake Louis

I have a RC Office Premium account. I am trying to set it up so that if someone calls in and presses 1 for sales, my desk phone rings first and if I don't answer, the call goes to an external number (answering service).

I do not want all calls to my desk phone forwarding to the answering service, only callers who pressed 1 for sales and then I didn't answer in time.

Since call queues do not let you no-answer-forward to an external number, RC support created a new "Extension" in the users tab (Sales, ext 1) and set up call handling rules to first ring my ip phone and then go to an external number.

My question: will I be billed extra for this

I have read many forum posts about RC's deceptive billing for non-device/non digital line extensions. I just signed up and am frustrated that this system, with all its complexity, can't accomplish what I need, and worse that I could be hit with a surprise bill later. No one at RC support seems to be able to clearly explain whether this new extension will be billable or not. They don't even understand their own billing rules.

Can a RingCentral community staff member please comment and provide a definitive answer? I'm close to canceling already and going with another provider who can do ring group forwarding for free.

3 Answers
answered on Sep 4, 2019 at 6:03pm  
Spoke with RC support who informed me that YES, charges for a full user extension price will apply if more than 10 calls go through to the answering service per month. This seems ridiculous since other voip companies I'm comparing with will do call forwarding for free. 

answered on Sep 4, 2019 at 8:35am  
Thanks JB. Technically though Im not forwarding from my digital line extension. The calls are starting at this other extension, ringing my phone (added via the forward to other users phones button) and then going to the external number. Again I feel like Im splitting hairs here to understand rcs billing policies

answered on Jul 29, 2020 at 9:24pm  
*DISCLAIMER* - I am not a RIngCentral employee or spokesperson but I am a RingCentral partner/reseller and have dealt with this question many times.

I have a client, an attorney, who forwards her phone to an answering service when either she or her secretary are not available to take calls in the office. She is NOT charged because the call is originating from her digital line to the answering service. The charges you are speaking of are with regard to MOBILE use of the mobile app WITHOUT a digital line for that extension. That would be the case if you set up an extension for someone and had them use the main number with their extension (incoming or outgoing calls) in excess of nine calls per month. That would not be the case for you if you are forwarding the calls from your digital line to the answering service.


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