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Patrick Winkel asked Jimmy Marks commented

Feature: Background Wallpaper, Branding of our Cisco Phones, Custom Provisioning file that doesn't handicap phones

It's very very tacky and annoying RC still insists on uploading it's horrendous logo to our phones that we own. I've been a customer for a few years, this was promised to be fixed, I've seen that the professional services group can initiate this with my account manager, who honestly doesn't seem to care about me asking about this issue or telling me what can't be done..

It's one section of a provisioning file. I could easily override it, but I don't feel the need to have to add fancy tricks for something that should be enabled by default. Manual provisioning makes the phones utterly useless, especially since these are cisco 525g2....The service works flawlessly or I'd be changing but this really urks me we are forced to advertise for your service when we are already paying a good amount of money and we own the devices.

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Branson McCoy avatar image Branson McCoy commented ·

4 years later and you still can't use a custom wallpaper. Doesn't seem like a hard change to make.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Branson McCoy commented ·

Hi! Seems like no one has submitted a feature request for this yet. Please put it i Thank you!

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Paul Taravati avatar image Paul Taravati commented ·

Would be great if you allow your clients to upload their own company logo to provisioned CISCO phones. I was not aware that RingCentral is preventing users to make any changes. This really sucks.

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache commented ·

I'm with you on this one as well - every time they touch our phones, they wipe out our Paging function, overwrite the name/extension, and pretty much make us have to go back and touch each phone again.

I've taken to taking out the auto provisioning check - and the phones are MUCH more stable. (only a firmware update has us going back in)

Power to the people!

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Jimmy Marks avatar image Jimmy Marks Joe Cache commented ·

Great idea, Joe! I may have to resort to that as well. I found this discussion because I'd asked RC support how to add my own custom wallpaper to a Cisco 8851. They told me how to do it, but didn't mention that it would disappear every time the phone connects to their servers! Such a frustrating situation and kudos to you for thinking of a solution until they formally provide one.

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Branson McCoy avatar image Branson McCoy Joe Cache commented ·

Hey Joe, out of curiosity how have you disabled the auto-provision?

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache Branson McCoy commented ·

Depending on the phone mfg/type - there will be a Setting for 'Auto Provision'

Making that field blank, and changing the server type to say 'FTP' - then makes it stand-alone. You don't need to reboot after making the change. This also means you won't get any updates, and in the case of come Yealinks, it may lose provisioning after a few months (so manually put that back in provisioning and reboot to resync)

Note: Tech support will tell you not to do this - it's your phone, and your risk. Just a FYI.

Note Note: You may want to copy the provisioning information to a text file for reference later. ;)

On the Yealinks, there's a whole set of entries for when it checks to reprovision; daily, time-of-day, on-boot, etc.

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